Bifold Closet Doors

A bi fold closet door is a door that is designed to slide open while its panels fold up and stack neatly against the wall. This attractive type of door design offers multiple benefits such as protecting the contents of a closet, in addition to, offering enhanced space saving characteristics and design versatility to be customized to strengthen or support the décor of a room.

Dayoris is a leading specialist in crafting high end bifold closet doors that can be designed in various door materials. We built high end doors from premium quality wood that can be customized to detailed requirements. We also cater to the more extreme door design needs such as custom made oversize doors.

Luxury doors for luxury interiors

We offer modern interior door solutions that find the perfect complement of high practicality and stunning visual appeal. Our clients seek designer interior doors made to furnish luxury homes. High end bi fold closet doors is just one of the many different types of interior sliding and foldable door styles we build.

We are regarded as experts in the groundbreaking technique of refacing interior doors. In building our modern interior doors we make use of The Laminating SolutionTM. We ensure that the doors we build are made out of the finest door materials available. Quality is standard across our entire range of door styles.

As a reputable designer door supplier, we make a strong commitment to ensure we incorporate green-friendly practices into the building of our bespoke doors. Our door systems feature products that are LEED-certified as well as incorporate the best in European eco-friendly materials available.

Make a statement of visual warmth with bifold closet doors

Let your custom made bi fold closet door make a dramatic statement. Who said that doors should offer a mere functional purpose of being a protective cover for clothes and shoes? At Dayoris we have proved that you don’t need to sacrifice aesthetics for functionality. Our exceptional superior-quality custom created range of high end door design solutions prove otherwise.

Closet doors offer an exciting opportunity for your creative style and taste to shine through. Homeowners are always on the lookout for alternative, new and different elements or furnishings with which to enhance a room. Now, with the exclusivity of custom created bi fold door systems superbly built by Dayoris master craftsmen, what was once created in your imagination can be brought to tangible reality. Our talented door design team will take care of every aspect of crafting the perfect door, from initial design consultation to the exact stain color finish.

The bi fold closet door style is a popular choice, due to its strong visual appeal and high functionality. We build high end bi fold doors to the exact specifications required by our clients, making choosing a custom design an exciting prospect.

Maximize storage space in a modern interior space

The primary purpose of any closet door is to separate the closet space from the room. Whether you have a lack of storage space or the advantage of a huge closet, you would not want the contents of your closet constantly on display.

Closet doors offer a discreet solution to protect what you have stored behind its doors. The beauty of innovative high end modern door designs is that now doors do not have to merely serve a functional purpose, they can now have added decorative features incorporated or style elements included in the design as well. Contemporary bifold closet doors can be functional yet stylish doors that can add a touch of elegance to bedroom spaces.

Protect and secure the contents of your closets

Bi fold closet doors do not only serve as unique architectural elements in a room, but its functional design also allows for more efficient use of space. This allows you to maximize on the space you have available for your closet storage needs. Since the doors do not require the space to swing open or close it does not interrupt traffic flow or the continuity of your bedroom.

Another functional benefit offered by custom made bi fold doors is the security feature that can be included in its design. This door design can be used for closets and cupboards in any room in the house, in the bedroom, bathroom, utility room or hallway closet.

Bi fold doors offer complete access

Bi fold closet doors are also designed to allow complete access to the closet space by exposing 100% of the closet opening. This functionality makes this door design a highly preferable choice when it comes to selecting closet doors. We, at Dayoris can custom craft designer bi fold doors to fit to a client’s detailed specifications and preferences that include material, size and luxury finish.

Some traditional complicated closet door designs, however trendy they look, can be inconvenient and difficult to open, making accessing your clothes a headache. Now you can have the best of both worlds – a fashionable closet door design that complements the style of your room, and one that offers easy operation.

Bifold closet doors are easily opened from a straight position, left to right or right to left. Depending on the particular space and shape that you would want to incorporate into your bi fold closet door design. We can manufacture them either to be bottom rolling bi fold door systems or top hung configurations.

Fashionable and functional

Fashionable and functional bi fold closet doors are such a popular designer door solution offer a great number of highly sought after practical benefits that include:

  • Versatility of design and eco-friendly materials
  • Energy efficient
  • Effective space utilization
  • Fuss-free maintenance
  • Exceptional visual appeal
  • Long lasting quality
Make bi fold doors the centerpiece of aesthetic appeal

The finish chosen can upgrade the look of the bi fold closet door to become a signature showpiece that highlights the elegance of the room’s interior design.

Dayoris designer bi fold closet doors feature European technology and the best in US craftsmanship. These can be custom made door solutions that can complement the color scheme of a room to suit unique and individual tastes. The options of custom design is limitless and only controlled by the imagination.

The beauty of having your bi fold closet doors made-to-measure is that they can be used as a centerpiece in the room, blending in with or as an extension of the interior décor. You get to choose the exact color, texture of doors and the materials that will best fit in with your overall design plan. Custom made bifold closet doors can therefore bring about a harmonizing effect in your bedroom, creating the luxury sanctuary you deserve.

Make advanced technology work for you

All of our doors at Dayoris are constructed out of the finest quality materials available on the market and created by our in-house talented craftsmen. We make our doors using the most advanced European technology and out of the finest raw materials. What you receive are high end custom made bi fold doors that open and close easily, quietly and smoothly every time.

All our bi folding door designs are especially designed and engineered to meet extremely high standards with only the latest proven European technology used. You can be assured that the door hardware such as locks, handles and flush bolts are manufactured to last.

Bi fold closet doors are used along a single track system and are made up of multiple panels up to 10 in one direction. The weight of each of the panels is carried along the header which allows for ease of operation, even doors with large groups of panels. Recessed U-channel track options offer a seamless transition from the exterior to the interior spaces of a closet. The qualities of the mechanisms allow for a more luxurious, easy and smooth handling of the doors.

Dayoris custom bi-fold door systems utilize a completely integrated locking and operation mechanism which provide a sleeker look and add to the aesthetic visual appeal of your bedroom space. Care and attention is given to every detail of design and finish, thus ensuring a more secure a highly desirable long-lasting over-all product.

High quality closet doors with stress-free maintenance

Choosing to install our bifold closet doors will ensure that high quality translates into low maintenance. We take great pride in maintaining the highest manufacturing standards to provide you with an unparalleled quality product. We constantly seek out the new and best proven technologies to use in our products. And our doors are crafted by experienced and talented craftsmen.

Advantages of customization

Dayoris offers the highly sought after customization service that promises exclusivity and high end uniqueness that many clients desire. As with all customization requirements, the design is tailored to suit exacting specifications and particular needs and tastes. Here your unique character and style can shine through in any of our designer creations.

Dayoris boasts a gifted team of architects, engineers, and interior designers who will work hand in hand with you to create a product that is tailored to suit your individual preferences. We put our extensive knowledge and experience in the interior door solutions industry as well as groundbreaking technology at your disposal.

A wealth of endless possibilities

The design possibilities with custom made bi fold doors are unlimited. Different combinations of all the key features, components and materials available provide a vast array of choices for each individual. The high end doors we build allow you the flexibility to play and mix with a variety of features like the door type with the color, the hinges, handle design etc.

Some possibilities that have been explored successfully have been the combination of different materials in the door design. Popular custom made bifold closet doors have been made of the following types of materials:

  • Wood – louvered, solid or hollow
  • Aluminum
  • Mirror
Define a bi fold door design with framed mirrors

Mirrored closet doors offer a valuable visual element to the look of a room by reflecting natural or artificial light and giving a small spaced interior the appearance of a much bigger size. The multifunctional aspect of including framed mirrors into the door design has several advantages. Mirrors not only reflect light and specific views of the room, they also serve as part of the dressing process by serving as a functional mirror.

Advantages of the strategic use of mirrors:
  • Distinctive with added dimension:
    Bi fold closet doors with framed mirrors showcases a distinctive look that also adds dimension to a room. This is why many well-styled interior rooms include the strategic placing of mirrors in a space to add dimension and practical use.
  • Optimal use of lighting:
    The reflective nature of mirrors allow interior decorators to maximize on light that is available. This can be natural light that filters in from glass windows and doors or artificial light sources.
  • Creates the idea of more space:
    Bi fold closet doors featuring full-length mirrors are intelligent solutions to create an illusion of a bigger space in space-challenged spaces.
  • Fully customizable:
    The extraordinary use of mirrors on high end bifold closet doors in the amazing array of designs that you can use. These range from creating different patterns on the doors to incorporating geometric designs for a stunning effect. You can opt for full-length mirrored closet doors or have mirrors placed in certain sections of the doors.

The promise of wood bi fold closet doors is its timeless appeal. A great many requests for wood bi fold closet doors are chosen for good reason. Wood doors accentuates the feel for natural and organic design choices.

The use of wood, with its natural characteristics, wonderfully allows for a great attention to detail. This is further promoted by its beauty-enhancing aspects of the wood grain, texture and tones.

The type wood grain and stain chosen add character and texture to the visual appeal of barn door designs. Mahogany is a top door material recognized for producing a superior finish. Another popular wood species is oak, a hardwood that features a pronounced grain pattern.

Sometimes it is as simple as picking a door in a stain of wood that complements the color palette in the room. Simply lightening the texture of the wood is enough to create a harmonious feel.

No matter the type of wood species chosen or the color of stain for a delightful end result, Dayoris can provide you with high end bifold closet doors that can turn a living space into a dynamic stylish environment.

The choice to go with wooden doors is popular because it affords long lasting strength and durability whilst providing an elegant feel. You can be assured that our wood is always sustainably harvested. Using eco-friendly materials is a key area of priority at Dayoris.

Handles and hinges

Even your choice of handles and hinges can become design features in a bi fold closet door. These normally concealed mechanisms are used to highlight modernity and uniqueness by making them into focal areas of a door.

Handles and hinges can be painted to match the color of walls. Colors can be cold or contrasting or neutral, depending on the effect that needs to be created. There are a range of handle types and designs to keep interior styling authentic. An assortment of shapes, sizes, decorative features can be mixed and matched to support the cohesiveness of the décor. For a contemporary elegant look, consider chrome hardware components.

Bi fold closet doors are an excellent option

With a range of colors, finishes, glazing, sizes and materials to choose from, we can help you create the bedroom sanctuary of your dreams.

Custom made closet doors are so designed to marry visual appeal and functionality.

Because bifold closet doors slide and fold up they save space when engaged, thus providing easy access to the closet area. This unique style in closet door design has been specifically created to provide easy access to your closet, making dress up time and choosing clothes choices less frustrating.

Bi fold closet doors offer the highest return investment value in the long term which is why this door style is a popular top choice. Custom made bi fold closet doors built by Dayoris is an expression of individuality and style.

Let Dayoris bring to life your unique door design
  • When no ordinary door will do, you will need the specialized talents of expert door manufacturers.
  • are proud to partner with you in creating beautiful doors that break the average mold.
  • From extraordinary detailed finishing to oversize doors and a range of various designs, we take creating stunning doors to the next level.
  • If the extensive range of doors on our inventory list do not meet with your requirements, then we have an experienced team of master craftsmen to build doors to your unique specifications, including different types of materials and finishes.

We have an in-house millwork division that is fully dedicated to meeting the individual and unique requirements of our clients. We are passionate about what we do and take great pride in delivering doors that meet precise specification and exacting artistry for our clients that ask for one-of-a-kind modern bifold closet doors.

Getting a custom high end interior door made is simple. Our responsive team of talented design reps are on hand to help, from answering your questions to designing doors that offer the distinct one-of-a-kind uniqueness your home deserves.

All of our clients receive a personalized exceptional service that can include on-site consultation, shipping assistance as well as door installation assistance. Get in touch with us today and distinguish your home with premium quality high end doors.