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Swing Doors

In today’s modern design the increase of door specialization has made itself evident. DAYORIS has emerged as a leader in modern door design.

The most prevalent type of door used today is the modern swing door. Dayoris offers several different lines of swing doors.


The Filo Muro or flush with the wall, is the most popular and modern door offered.


The Filo or flush with casing is a modern door design where the casing sits flush and level with the door, but presents itself proud of the adjacent wall.


Then there is the Telaio. The Telaio is a more transitional door profile, still designed as a modern door, but operates like a conventional door.  

All of DAYORIS’ swing door profiles are available in heights up to 12ft tall and 4ft wide. At DAYORIS all hardware is Italian, with a concealed hinge system and magnetic mortise.


All DAYORIS doors can be finished in European Lacquer, Laminates, Wood Veneers, or delivered Primed, for final finishing on-site. 

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