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Bypass Doors

DAYORIS’ bypass doors can be manufactured as simple 2 panel sliders or in combination for use in a multi panel sliding system. This modern door profile is often used for closet doors or can even be used in a room divider application. There is virtually no limit as to what size or finishes these doors are available in.


With the advent of the new Dayoris linear diffuser track system, DAYORIS modern sliding doors can be installed with a completely invisible track. Different from typical off the shelf bypass door systems, Dayoris’ bypass doors can be made as Filo Muro, with all casings and frames concealed within the adjacent walls.


Another modern design alternative would be to use either a Filo or Telaio contemporary bypass doors system that will come with casings to surround the door. Regardless of the style chosen, Dayoris manages to conceal any evidence of the track or valance.

These doors are offered in a variety of modern finishes such as Laminates, Wood Veneers, or European Lacquers.

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