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Pocket Doors

Where minimalist modern design prevails, the use of pocket doors becomes more important than ever. DAYORIS has designed modern pocket doors, that when open, totally disappear into the adjoining wall cavity.

A DAYORIS pocket door can be made in either a Filo Muro, Filo, or Telaio door profile. The DAYORIS Filo Muro pocket door has no visible casings and is designed so that when open, it leaves no visible evidence of a door being present on the surrounding wall.


The more conventional Filo and Telaio pocket doors will have decorative casings on the walls of the pocket cavity.


All DAYORIS pocket doors are available in various finishes, such as European lacquer, Laminates, Wood Veneers, or can even be delivered primed – ready for final finish on-site. DAYORIS’ modern pocket doors can be made as tall as 12ft high with virtually no limit as to the width.


These doors are often made in a floor to ceiling model, where the doors totally disappear, even without the typical header, leaving no evidence of a door at all.  

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