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At DAYORIS we are aware of just how powerfully our lives change through the embellishment of creative and well planned aesthetically pleasing surroundings.


No medium better creates the feeling of a modern grand space while still maintaining the warmth and richness of a room than custom wood paneling.

With the use of wood wall paneling we see the task of formulating the exact sort of environment each and every client envisions.

Designer wall paneling is a powerful trend in modern contemporary design.


DAYORIS has taken this medium to a new level.

Doors can now be incorporated flush in wall panel systems, totally concealed, while still maintaining the ability to open into or out of adjoining rooms.

A Reglet can be employed to the top or bottom of a panel system creating the look of a modern floating wall. These practices have been used in Italian Panel design for years.


Our exclusively imported high-end European Veneers will transform spaces while placing the utmost importance on individual taste.


DAYORIS’ in-house staff of designers will render and design custom layout options depicting a client’s vision.


Panel materials are all LEED Certified with low VOC Emission certifications  



Doors & Walls

Venturing beyond the limits of imagination, capable of surprising us once again, DAYORIS presents "Filo Muro" collection. 




Wall Paneling

Pocket doors have been used for many years in residential and commercial facilities and have a timeless functionality that carries from generation to generation. Modern design has upgraded the standard pocket door into one of elegance and upscale interior design.




Dayoris Modern Pivot Doors are very exclusive because we use materials that are LEED certified. All our hardware is imported from Italy and meet all US standards for manufacturing.


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